Friday, November 18, 2011


On a Friday night after work,
The first promise of snow is in the air.
I'm out on the back porch
Looking east at the sky.

Up ahead,
A long distance flight powers down.
Its light makes tunnels through
Orange-lit street clouds.
Its suddenly insistent thrumming
Joins the theater-voiced city--
All the humanity, motors,
And small animals
This side of Phinney Ridge.

Under our black and crimson night,
A few fresh-faced stars
Nudge and wink
Over a private joke
That I'm privileged to understand.

A week ago, though,
Out on the front porch that time,
I looked at the rain on the street
And remembered a juvenile me--
Even into my fifties, for god's sake--
Inhabiting soggy afternoons just like this,
All drug-addled, brain-fevered, and flopped sweat,

Stalking what passed as normal,
But getting nowhere near.

Oh, thank you, Lord.

Thank you, my dear wife,
And daughters, and
Recently departed mom,
For bringing me back here
From where I used to think
I belonged.

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