Saturday, February 22, 2014

Found Barefoot on a Winter Beach

Elderly man
Found dead
On local beach
This morning,
Half in-half out
Of the water,

That much is known;
Heart attack suspected.

A few hours later
I walked by the site
Of his body's discovery--
Part of my regular route.

Nothing seemed different.

You’ve got to think,
Of his last moments alive--

Taking off his shoes
To feel the surf
And sand
Around his feet--
The bracing cold and wet
Of the abiding sea.

Did it seem like
An eternity passed
During those last sensations
Before he lost them all?

I believe it's a slander that
The next day,
In the morning paper,
They were calling his death
A suicide.

Perhaps he just wanted
To go back to beginnings--
Get one with Nature.