Sunday, September 12, 2010

A Thrilling Sight

Twice now,
In recent weeks,
I've gone into the backyard
As evening rises,
And been thrilled
By the sight of caballeros,
Riding high,
Billowing scarlet and fire
Across the darkening sky.

I think you
Might have seen them, too.

That's the magic of the thing
Of course:
That you might have seen them, too.

Ipod Wisdom

Oh, am I ever full of life here
On the health club’s upright cycle,
Facing a bank of TVs silently presenting
College football games.

Ipod is in place, pumping
Bob Dylan into my ear.

“Forever Young!” Bob howls, and,
Head bobbing, my legs churn faster.
Up the burned calories!
Up the heart rate!

“Forever Young!’ Bob Dylan yowls, and
I agree with the sentiment, humping
Legs, heart, hands beating time,
Flailing my upright cycle.

The Ipod shuffles to its
Next random selection:

My boy Bob again,
But this time:
“Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door.”

I don't have to tell you
That there's a message here.