Saturday, August 14, 2010

The Vicodin's in the Car

I don't remember
Why it was I put
That Vicodin
In the glove compartment
Of my car,
But I'm glad I found it.

Body, head, everything
Aching, feverish.
I lay down, but
Can't escape a litany
Of depressing diagnoses
Gurneying through my brain.

It's my throat
Is what makes it weird.
Glands, most likely:
Lumpish, and tender to touch.
Something wrong there.

Hell, it's cancer is what scares me:
Of course.
Take one of those Vicodin, though:
Problems solved,
For a while, at least.

Finally went to see the doc.
Nasty sore throat
Been going around.
Looks like mine's getting better, though;
Might not even need the antibiotics, but
To be on the safe side
Yadda yadda yadda--

Not a word about
Refilling that prescription
For some more Vicodin.

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