Sunday, July 18, 2010

Punching Cardboard

Trying to feel more at ease
In this wet and cold climate,
And not give in
To the twinges of pain in my lower back,
I decide to invest Saturday’s chores with
More than my usual panache.

I stride widely
Down backyard’s gravelly path
To the soggy place
Where I punch
The yielding cardboard
Of an Amazon box
Into a more compact shape
For the recycling bin.

Aware of the neighbor's possible gaze,
I ignore the rain
Sluicing down my forehead,
Keep my gut sucked in,
And pivot

With animal, yogic grace:
Bound back
Through iron and rough wood gate,
Up pantry steps,
To the kitchen,
Below the sink,

Ready to manfully dispatch,
The food scrap waste.

To see a video reenactment of these events, check this out.

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